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About Sugar Creek Puppies


We are so excited about raising healthy and happy Puppies and greatly appreciate your contact via email or by phone at 319-470-1526. We do not require an application but ask that you give our Puppies a loving home and have a Veterinarian lined up and ready to care for your new Puppy. The Puppy Guarantee and Agreement form will be included for your signature during pick up or upon arrival of your new Pomsky Puppy.


To hold a Pomsky Puppy until he or she is ready to be picked up or shipped, we do require a $500 deposit, which is non-refundable. Payment options are Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Upon pick up or before shipping the Puppy, the remainder of the balance for your Pomsky must be paid in full.  Again, please note the deposit is non-refundable.
For shipment of your Puppy within the continental U.S., we will ship to a major airport near you with for an additional cost of $350. We gladly make all the flight arrangements for your Pomsky with an Airline Approved Pet Carrier and a Veterinarian Certificate.

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We have researched dog food brands and have chose Fromm Pet Foods for our adults dogs and puppies. Fromm is a small family owned company from Wisconsin that has high quality pet food that is highly recommended and has never had a recall. We have found that our dogs have healthier hair coats, less waste (poop) and love the flavor of the Fromm food over other brands we have tried. This type of dog food is not found in large chain stores as they only sell to small locally owned shops/feed stores. Visit their website a to find a retailer near you. If there are no local retailers, it can be ordered online. There is also a list of online retailers on the Fromm website.

Fromm Family Pet Food Website


Upon pick up or arrival of your new Puppy, they will have all the necessary vaccinations.

Dew Claws

It is a standard practice to remove dew claws of all our Puppies.


Stay in touch! We look forward to an update as your Pomsky Puppy grows!! Please send pictures and have FUN with your new Puppy!